Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Festive Times

Well can you believe it? It's December already and Christmas is only weeks away. This time of year is so busy and full of exciting events and catch up's. I must admit I am looking forward to the staff Christmas party next week and I can't wait to see what my secret Santa brings me.

Lobethal Christmas Pageant.
Speaking of festive times the DRS float for the Lobethal Christmas Pageant is shaping up nicely. We have ten DRS staff members and supporters joining in the event. We will have our mascots Webster and our newest mascot Wanda involved along with wheelchairs, hand cycles and 1000's of lollies to be thrown out to the crowd. Another exciting aspect of the pageant is we will be showing off the newly sign written enclosed trailer. The trailer will be branded with the new DRS name and images. The pageant is the perfect way to christen it! If you would like to come along to the pageant please take a look the Lights of Lobethal Website for details. http://www.lightsoflobethal.com.au/

No Strings Attached Theatre Of Disability.
I would like to introduce the No Strings Attached Theatre Of Disability. This organisation is a community based theatre who specialise in performances with the majority of cast being people who have a disability. I had the pleasure of joining in on the fun at the annual No Strings Attached Theatre Of Disability ‘Connect’ picnic  on the 27th of November at The Gums at Tranmere. The sun was beaming down but the 32 degree heat didn’t stop the enthusiasm of the performers.

The performance I saw was spine chilling, the effort each performer put into their individual roll was absolutely outstanding. The roles were enthusiastic and believable, the story line was captivating and interesting. I could tell many hours of rehearsing had gone into the performance and the dedication showed. I hadn’t even met these performers but I felt truly proud of their efforts.

We are looking forward to working with No Strings Attached in 2014. For future information on this wonderfulorganisation please visit their website here:

Gail Miller Interview.....
'What We're Wheelie Like'


WHAT IF.... your best friend was in a wheelchair and people always stared at them when you were out together?
How would that make you feel?
How would that make THEM feel?
'What We're Wheelie Like' answers all of these questions.

I met with Gail Miller earlier in the month at her stunning scrub surrounded home in the Adelaide hills. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Gail and learned a lot about her book 'What we're Wheelie Like' and also learned a lot about her life views. Gail has a wealth of wisdom and you will clearly see this in the interview below.

Here is a short blurb Gail Wrote about the book.

PEEP INSIDE.... and you will discover that people who use wheelchairs or have any other disability are regular people, with feelings, who live their lives a little differently.
Some things are tricky for them, but they often come up with clever ways to do things. They like to go to parties and dress in nice clothes.
They laugh and have fun, just like you.
That's 'What they're Wheelie like...'
Take a look at at Gail's interview and learn the story behind this educational book.

Introducing our new female mascot...Wanda!
As you may have noticed we have been having fun with Webster of late. The 'Where's Webster' game has been a hit and I recall only one WW that people found hard to guess. Stay tuned for some more difficult 'Where's Webster' locations.
Mark our CEO felt Webster may feel a little lonely and introducing him to Wanda would be of benefit. We now have two mascots to help promote DRS and of course another mascot for the Whizz Kidz to beat up ;)


Interview with Rod Farr..
After commencing my employment here at DRS I soon came to realise that Rod was a key player in the organisation. Rod has a very positive outlook on life and clearly has a lot to offer to fellow people with disabilities. Rod was the first person I interviewed and I found it hard to edit his video as there was so much valuable content. I did manage to come up with a powerful video that I hope people have enjoyed and gained some life tools they can take away.
Take a look here:


Up and Coming Events
Push and Power Finals
Monday 16th December, 6:30pm
St Pauls College, 792 Grand Junction Road, Gilles Plains

The grand final for all 3 sports;
-Balloon Soccer
-Touch Football

BBQ and Raffles on the night.
Spectators Welcome.

Basketball Grand Final
Tuesday 17th December.
207-255 Hampstead Rd, Northfield

3rd place playoff 6:00pm ROCKETS V AIR MASTERS
Grand Final 7:00pm SOUP V DEMONS

Presentations to follow.
Spectators Welcome

I hope you have enjoyed this week's blog and I look forward to updating you next week on the Push and Power and Basketball finals results.

Take easy

Nicki Camac
Social Media Officer

Disability Recreation and Sports SA
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0411 020 733




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