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Happy New Year! Bring on 2014!

A very happy new year to you all!

I hope everyone reading our Blog today is feeling rested and enthused for a fresh year of 2014! Already our first week back at the office has been jam packed with catching up on the past couple of weeks news and editing all the exciting footage taken just prior to the Christmas break.

Take a look at our latest adventures! 

The Whizz Kidz Christmas Camp  
It is safe to say that the camp was a hit with all involved! Wellington provided absolutely perfect weather and it allowed everyone to participate in all the outdoor and water activities. Friday night was a relaxing introduction into the camp with craft activities and supper.  There was certainly no shortage of food at the camp.
An early morning rise from some very excited Whizz Kidz and a rather over excited Mark  who, via his singing skills over the PA, ensured everyone was up and ready for a big day. After a hearty breakfast everyone burnt off the calories with some tennis, basketball, tug of war and other fun activities. After lunch Father Christmas making an appearance, giving out gifts to all the eager whizz kids.

The giant swing certainly provided us with some entertaining photos and footage. Bravery was shown by all and the excited smiles were beaming from their faces. Team effort and skills were needed to pull each person up to the launch height. When the person was at the desired height they would pull their own cable release and plummet to the ground at a rate of knots. The video is a true reflection of the fun that the team had during the giant swing.

The swimming pool was also a hit and consumed most of the afternoon. A movie night and dinner was in order and it wasn’t long before everyone was tucked up in bed. 

Here are some shots from the weekend



Sunday morning was another early rise as after breakfast was enjoyed and it was straight into kayaking. Bravery was shown by little four-year-old Lilly as she overcame her initial fears and kayaked like a champion. Lilly was hooked and by the sounds of it, it was hard to get her out the boat!

Time flies when you're having fun and fun was had by all. The camp drew to a close on Sunday afternoon and it was time to pack up and head home.
Let me take this opportunity to say thank you to El Shaddai Camp site. The facilities were outstanding and the activities offered were fun and inclusive. Thank you to Jacob Gracey for the fantastic job organising the camp and ensuring all the finer details were attended to. Thank you to Belinda  Galbraith for all the behind the scenes work and gift purchasing. Thank you to each person who made the effort to attend the camp and make it the event it was. Last but not least, thank you to each and every kind person who donated to DRSSA to allow this camp to be such a success.
Here's to the Whizz Kidz Christmas Camp in 2014!

 Christmas Camp Video

Push and Power Sports Finals

 I really enjoyed being a part of the Push and Power Finals night in December at Gillies Plains. All three push and power sports were played and the side-lines were packed with supporting friends and family.

 The first game played was the Rugby with Kings taking victory over the Sixers 36 to 30.

The second game was Hockey with the Kings winning with 6 points over the All Blacks scoring 3.

Balloon Soccer was the last match played with the Kings winning with 3 points over the All Blacks with 1 point.

It was nice to walk around, interview and chat to some of the players and find out what they like about their chosen sports. Thank you to Chantel Bongiovanni and Santo Bongiovanni for introducing their sports on the video. (see video below). Thanks to Damo Porter for  cruisin’ around with the Go Pro on his head getting great footage for me to use.

After the games had finished Damo Porter, Daryl Taylor and Jacob Gracey presented the individual awards to the chosen players. The support shown from the crowd and fellow players was great and the trophies were gratefully received by the deserving recipients.

 Take a look at the video below of the finals highlights and the presentations. Keep an eye out for Corey Hooper's reaction (at the end) when he received the Wall Davies Encouragement Award. His passion and excitement is absolutely priceless.

I would like to make a special mention of Santo Bongiovanni. Santo received a truck load of trophies as he was the leading scorer for all three sports. Well done Santo!

Congratulations to all players involved throughout the Push and Power season. Thank you to Jacob Gracey for running the events and all the friends and family that make the games possible.

Award Winners:
Best and Fairest - Rugby
Damien 'Damo' Porter
Most Improved –Rugby
Nathan Van Roy

Best Team Person –Rugby
Sam Aforozis
Leading Scorer –Rugby
Santo Bongiovanni (134 points)

Best and Fairest – Hockey
Santo Bongiovanni
Most Improved – Hockey
Nathan Van Roy
Best Team Person – Hockey
Matthew Clarke
Leading Scorer – Hockey
Santo Bongiovanni (37 goals)

Best and Fairest - Soccer
Jonathon Nguyen

Most Improved - Soccer
Brendon Webb
Best Team Person – Soccer
Chantel Bongiovanni
Leading Scorer – Soccer
Santo Bongiovanni (12 goals)

Wall - Davies Encouragement Award
Corey Hooper

Finals Video

No Handicap Golf

Mark and I had the pleasure of joining Aidan and Michael for a round of Golf at The Adelaide Shores Golf Park. We tested the golf waters and we are pleased to announce we now have our own DRSSA 'No Handicap Golf Club' (NHGC). The club is for juniors and adults and will take place at the ASGP on Military Rd, West Beach. We will be running fortnightly clinics and 9 hole on course days on selected Sundays. Please contact us at for details.

Here are some shots from the day.

Mark feeling very proud of his near hole in one.

Our tour guides Michael and Aidan with Mark

Me (Nicki) missing the shot!

Getting to know Jacob Gracey.

We feel it's important for our members and supporters to know who the staff members are at DRSSA. We don't just want to be a voice on the end of the phone - we want you to know what's on offer.

This week's profile is Jacob Gracey. Jacob has been with DRSSA for 3.5 years and is the Development Officer. Jacob is very approachable and enjoys the sporting aspects of DRSSA. Jacob runs the Whizz Kidz Club every Friday night and is your 'go to guy' for any sporting enquirers.  

Take a look at the short video of Jacob explaining his role here at DRSSA.

Social Basketball Finals  
It was a warm night in December and the sound of hot rubber burning on the gym floor flooded from the gym windows. First up was the third place play off with Rockets winning over the Air Masters. The second game was the Grand Final and team Soup took victory over the Demons.
Team trophy presentations took place after the game with Jacob Gracey and Daryl Taylor doing the honours. The runner up and premier engraved beer mugs came in very handy to hold the ice cold beer and complement the BBQ provided by DRSSA. Well done to all involved and we look forward to doing it all again this year!


Tony Wade

Team Demons, 2nd Place.

Air Masters vs Rockets

Soup vs Demons

Team Soup 1st place - Premiers

Balloon Soccer Demonstration at the Novita Client Christmas Party!
Feeling HOT HOT HOT....
We had the pleasure of doing a Balloon Soccer demonstration at the Novita Client Christmas Party in December. We had our own DRSSA demo team came along to show spectators what Balloon Soccer is all about. 

There were several spare wheelchairs for spectators to use and try balloon soccer first hand. It was one of the hottest days of the year and the wind was playing havoc with the feather weight balloon, but that didn't stop us from having a ball. 

We even had a visit from the South Australian Governor Kevin Scarce. It was hard to get him out of the chair as he enjoyed it so much.

Thank you to Novita for having the DRSSA representatives at your event and allowing us to spread our message. A HUGE thank you to all the balloon soccer players who volunteered their time under a hot sun.
It really was a great day and such a positive experience for all involved!  

South Australian Governor Kevin Scarce having a go.

Some of the demo team: Jonathon, Sam, Travis, Santo and Chantel

This  brings me to the end of this weeks blog, I hope you have enjoyed coming along on our adventures. I look forward to blogging again next week and cramming more exciting events in for all to see.

Nicki Camac
Social Media Marketing



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