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A busy start to 2014 for DRSSA

From our own DRSSA radio show to the launch of the brand new DRSSA Social Club! The first couple of months in 2014 have been full of firsts with lots of great vibes around the Richmond office.

DRSSA Website
The new and improved DRSSA Website is in the final stages of proofing and will be made live within the coming weeks. The new look is modern, bright and is very user friendly! We have placed a major focus on the addition of all our social and recreational programs. We feel the website now reflects our name as it covers all our Recreation and Sporting activities. The website will really become the information hub for DRSSA in all areas. All the social media links, including this blog, is now just a click away by simply clicking on the icons at the top of the website home page. Our media and events page is a particular favorite of mine as it shows all the exciting events we have planned for 2014.

Here's a sneak peak of the new website look

'Drop the DIS' Radio Show

Marketing Manager Jane Intini and I have commenced our twelve week training course with local community radio station, Radio Adelaide 101.5FM. The course is leading us on our way to launch our weekly radio show called 'Drop the DIS'.

This is what Jane had to say about the show:

‘Drop The DIS” is a weekly radio show that starts on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM in early April – keep checking our regular social media posts for the exact start date. The information we have so far is that it will air every Wednesday afternoon between 3pm – 4pm. If you are not familiar with Radio Adelaide, they have a fantastic web site You can find out all out Drop The DIS from that site, all our regular DRSSA posts AND all the other amazing shows that Radio Adelaide broadcasts.

Community radio gives most people that voice that commercial radio doesn’t allow. DRSSA has been trying extremely hard to ‘be heard’ via the media all of us are familiar with, but they are not listening! Drop The DIS will be a real opportunity to get our point of view across and you can bet we’ll be it shouting from the rooftops!

Drop The DIS is targeted at people with a physical disability, their friends and family and anyone who likes listening to the radio. It will include interviews, music, comedy, sport, events and activities you can get involved with. This is our show with our content. Unlike commercial radio, no-one can tell us what is or isn’t appropriate – other than the usual legal considerations everyone has to take into account when broadcasting like no swearing, racism, sexism etc

Initially the show hosts are Jane & Nicki from DRSSA but we want you to think about becoming part of the show. Yes – YOU can become a radio announcer too! Anyone with a story, event or idea for show topics is most welcome to submit their ideas. We can’t promise everything you think of will get to air, but we’ll try! With only an hour per week, there’s a lot to get through.

The wonderful people at Radio Adelaide have also allowed us to bring Sponsors on board to cover the cost of the show. With an average listening audience of over 3,000 people before we even start, it’s a great way to profile your venture or business at a fraction of the cost charged by commercial media. If you are interested in running sponsorship spots, or even sponsoring the whole show, please get in touch.

Please contact for anything about Drop The DIS. We’ll soon be live on air & we’d love your thoughts & ideas to make it the best show possible.

The mixing desk

Jane (RIGHT) Nicki (LEFT)
(Jane would like to personally apologize for wearing the awful outfit shown above...but it was 43 degrees...)

Goth the Boss
Oh.. did we have some fun dressing Mark (CEO) and Jacob (Development Officer) as Goths for a day. When Vikki, Marks lovely wife suggested we enter Mark into the SAFM's radio competition called 'Goth Your Boss' we jumped at the chance. After some quick internet research on how to dress as a goth and a quick trip to the opp shop we were set for what we thought was going to be a winner! 

After submitting the photos below to SAFM I received a call from SAFM saying they loved the photos and the effort we put into the outfits. They asked if we could talk on their show about the photos.  

At this point we were sure we were on a winner....we ended up in the top three but didn't walk away with the gold! It was a great opportunity for us to promote DRSSA while having a bit of fun, and also get some social media coverage on the SAFM's facebook and Twitter pages. Take a listen below to the SAFM 'Goth the Boss' interview:

Jacob (LEFT)  Mark (RIGHT)


DRSSA Social Club
Rod Farr, our Community Support Officer, has been working hard to create our new DRSSA Social Club. The Club is held every Tuesday from 3- 5pm at the Cumberland Park Community Centre 388-390 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park. The community centre is a great central location and provides very accessible car parking. The large communal room makes for a great carpet bowels and boccia area. The club is a safe and friendly environment for people to come and enjoy the company of others over a cuppa and a cream biscuit,play a game of cards or eight ball or simply have a chat with new friends. We want to grow the club so do come along and check it out - we would love to see YOU there. Please help us spread the word and make the club a success for all to enjoy. Please contact Rod for more details: 

International Wheelchair Day
IWD highlights the important role wheelchairs play in our society and celebrates the positive impact wheelchairs have in peoples lives. We are happy to be playing a large roll in the event here in Adelaide on the Saturday 1st of March. Our community support officer Rod Farr will be a guest speaker sharing his story about life in a wheelchair. DRSSA will be running 'come and try ' events along with sports demonstrations. This is a free event and features displays, talks, exhibitions and fun for the whole family. We hope to see you there.


No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability

I introduced No Strings attached Theatre of Disability in a past blog but I would like to share this short video I made about the fun they had at their annual No Strings Attached Theatre Of Disability ‘Connect’ picnic late last year. The sun was beaming down but the 32 degree heat didn’t stop the enthusiasm of the performers or the large audience!

The performance I saw was spine chilling. The effort each performer put into their individual role was absolutely outstanding. The roles were enthusiastic and believable, the story line was captivating and interesting. I could tell many hours of rehearsal had gone into the performance and the dedication showed. I hadn’t even met these performers but I felt truly proud of their efforts. We look forward to working with the No Strings Attached through out 2014.


Charles Sturt Wheelchair Open

Last weekend we assisted Tennis SA in running the 2014 Charles Sturt Wheelchair Open. Eight professional tennis players competed in the tournament held at West Lakes Tennis Club. The number 1 seed was world number 29 Keegan Oh Chee. Adelaide based player Henry De Cure was second seed.

The minor round matches were held on Friday and Saturday with the finals being played on Sunday.

Keegan defeated Henry in the singles final 6-4 6-2. Keegan was also victorious in the doubles pairing with Jerry Markoja to beat De Cure/Rochecouste 6-2 6-1

16 year old NSW player Anderson Parker took out the consolation draw singles.

Henry de Cure, runner up

Keegan also paired with Jerry Markoja to take out the doubles title

Keegan Oh Chee Singles and Doubles winner

Disability Friendly Scheme

Here's a sneak peek of a new venture DRSSA is about to launch. We can't tell you much just yet, but you will certainly be looking for this logo in the weeks, months & years to come. 

Yes, I know, it's all a bit 'secret squirrel' for now but you'll soon hear all about it & we hope you'll get involved and support the Disability Friendly Scheme.

I hope you have enjoyed coming along on our adventures. I look forward to blogging again next month and cramming more exciting events in for all to see.

Nicki Camac
Social Media Marketing

Please join us online:

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